× Acorns Action Pak are now providers of the Childcare Offer in Wales for eligible working parents. Parents of 4 year olds who want to attend Action Pak can apply by contacting the local Family Information Service.

Terms & Conditions

To enable us to provide and maintain the highest standards of care, we require all parents to be aware of and abide by the following terms and conditions. Along with your booking form, these terms and conditions form your contract with Acorns Nurseries Limited.

It is extremely important that you inform us of any alterations to telephone numbers, contact details or any other changes which occur throughout Action Pak.

A full day is 7.30am to 6pm. We adhere to a strict child/staff ratio, it is therefore important that you do not arrive earlier than the starting time or later than the finishing time.

Should you arrive later than the finishing time you will be charged at a rate of £25.00 per 15 minutes.  Any exceptional circumstances will, of course, be taken into consideration.

If you are not collecting your child personally from Action Pak, it is essential that staff are made aware of the person that you have authorised to do so in your absence.  Only persons identified on the booking form are able to collect your child.  A password system is in use and we will not allow children to leave with anyone who has not been made familiar to staff.

The daily rate for Action Pak inclusive of all trips is £55.00 The first child in each family will be charged at this rate and any additional siblings attending on the same day will be charged at £50.00 each per day. Cancellations to bookings / non-attendance will be charged at the full daily rate once the play scheme starts. Changes to bookings / swapping days cannot be guaranteed and could incur an administration charge of £10.00 on each occasion.

Action Pak fees are payable in advance. Invoices are issued once a booking form has been received. Payments, including childcare voucher payments must be paid 30 days in advance of your child’s first attendance, if your child is attending for more than 2 weeks we will accept stage payment in advance. If you wish to take advantage of the voucher scheme, please inform the Action Pak Managers upon booking. Children may be excluded from Action Pak if payment has not been made or is overdue.

Cheques should be made payable to Acorns Nurseries Limited. Returned cheques will occur a £25.00 charge. Payment can also be made directly into the Action Pak bank account – please email actionpak@acornsnurseries.co.uk for details/payment queries.

Credit/debit card payments can be made by telephoning our head office on (029) 20 382009. Please note a charge of 3% will be included for payments made by this method.

Your child requires:
  • A packed lunch each day (please pack suitable products to remain cool as Acorns have no storage or chilling facilities on site)
  • Swimming costume and towel (when timetables show)
  • Appropriate clothing for activities (according to timetable)
  • Change of clothing for younger children
  • Suitable footwear for activities (no Crocs or Flip Flops)
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather conditions (waterproof coat/sun hat)

Please ensure that your child does not bring any electronic devices including mobile phones to Action Pak as Acorns cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to these items.

Prescribed medicine which is clearly labelled for your child can be administered by a member of staff during the Action Pak day and once handed over will be stored appropriately.  Parents sign a daily medicine form or Health Care Plan for continuous medication to authorise staff to administer the prescribed dosage. At the end of the day you will be requested to sign to confirm that you have been informed of dosage and times administered.

In addition emergency medication can be administered should your child develop a high temperature or an allergic reaction whilst in our care. We are able to administer a single dose of Calpol or Piriton and will make every attempt to contact parents. Where parents cannot be contacted then the Action Pak Managers will make the decision as to whether the child is safe to have this medication based on the time the child has been in Action Pak, the circumstances surrounding the need for this medication and the medical history of the child on their booking form. The child will be closely monitored and if your child’s state of health does not improve you will be asked to collect them from Action Pak, preferably within one hour. It is not acceptable practise to keep medicines stored in a child’s bag as the children have access to the bags at all times.

Please adhere to our Sickness and Illness Policy for guidelines concerning your child’s time away from Action Pak following an illness. Our Sickness and Illness Policy guidelines will be emailed along with Timetables, Policies and Procedures one week before the start of the Holiday Play Scheme.

Action Pak provide sun cream which is applied regularly throughout the day. If your child has an allergy or you have a preference for a particular brand please ensure that this is given to a member of staff and is clearly labelled with your child’s name and age group.

Acorns Nurseries occasionally take photographs which may be used for promotional material, these would never be passed onto any third party or used for any other reason.


Daily Rate £55 (£50 for additional siblings)